inventor of electricity

 ...inventor of electricity

Electricity is one of the major influences and important in our daily operation and others, lifeline electricity is blood that nourishes the body's organs, and uses a simpler lamp home light, lamp your cell, but the question that must be asked of the invented electricity?

 And how they took advantage of this useful energy and marshalled to serve humanity?. Be the answer 

to the above that the inventor of the world's electricity is Thomas Alva Edison (1847-1931), an inventor and a US businessman. He invented many devices that have had a significant impact on human around the world, such as the development of the phonograph machine, the machine cinematography, in addition to the practical incandescent light bulb that lasts long. Launched a reporter in a newspaper on Edison title of "The Wizard of Menlo Park" The Wizard of Menlo Park), Edison is one of the early inventors who have applied the principle of mass production, 

and teamwork on a large scale to the process of invention, so it was known as the first to establish a laboratory for industrial research. Edison says the mom is that made me, because they respect me and they trust me, made me feel that I am the most important person in existence, bringing an existential necessary for it, and promised myself not to Okhzlha also never let me down. Says Thomas Little: I stood in front of a picture of a child in the fourth, green eyes gray, you do not see where something, big head suggests the problem of training if 

you have added to not being able to speak to his character in the case that it is somewhat late !! And then he sets off his tongue suddenly was only speaks fluidly with Addison's: can not jump childhood to young people he was no ordinary child, perhaps because it was him or unusual. Sayings of reference books about the life of Edison We are in the last third of the nineteenth century and is - his mother - a school is interested in literature and reading .... and Thomas Little went to the one-act school with 399 children, but not a whole child, he keeps on observation and question. and draws his attention very strange things, and after 44 months unfinished School announced that an abnormal child late. . . 

!! Not lost on the problem arose Mother Thomas to withdraw from school and began to learn on their own at home and develop inside the love of study, and the limited role of the father to give him 100 cents for every achievement. Is not it strange to talk about the achievements of the children in the eleventh ?? Impressed by the wonder, and the strangest thing is to choose the type of achievement, Al has started (completely Thomas Alva Edison name) small project I: read every book in the building, and this building was a home that has a large library, and the 

parent monitoring guiding him in reading the history and humanities even Thomas loved literature and poetry too, but his voice was not that sharp or toddler "Emsrsa" express perhaps turned to acting, and this was the beginning of the road to self-education. When the twelfth was attainable Edison had finished a very valuable collection of reference books, including the world's Dictionary of Science and Applied Chemistry. Despite all the love and desire in the 

tender, which tried his mother granted him by the curiosity of the boy's young exceed its potential while an exclamation of some of the foundations of physics rules formulated by Newton began, what was that, but that commissioned him as a teacher to teach him, but this teacher was not able to keep pace with the head of Thomas and the speed of logic in refutation of the theories and departed, leaving the firm when his disciple doctrine, which says that the best thing is experimentation and error, the real show began Edison shows his genius. 

There was not a wild face of what is unable to Thomas Edison and has never been reluctant to make any effort to break any challenge whatsoever. We are still talking about a ten second boy, who began to lose hearing gradually, yes lose hearing Was this a hindrance? of course not !! Was himself always finds a way to overcome any problem or take advantage of them. Thomas and his parents persuaded to allow him to work, was selling newspapers and candy on the train stations, not only this, but began his own project to sell fruits and vegetables to people was always a need for money to try out what he thinks, was not able, despite his father's reasonable income being asked is always money.